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When Outsourcing Gets Personal

I think I’ve neglected this blog for long enough. I’ve been “busy” though – you know, with the corporate job and all. And also another blog – which shall remain nameless for the time being (if you use your awesome google search skills you’ll probably uncover it soon enough). I thought it’d be prudent of me to write a bit about my latest project – a mobile app – and some of the learning and unlearnings along the process.

As a child of the developing world, I’d been an advocate of moving lower-skilled jobs to developing countries that needed the economic activity. Of course there are so many nuances and particularities of the outsourcing debate, but on a high level I advocated for increased job creation in these parts of the world.

This weekend I found myself with the choice of whether to spend more money to hire a developer in the US or to go the cheap route and give a job to someone in India, Malaysia or China. Now I know the choice between the $65/hr developer in Seattle vs the $15/hr in Delhi is not entirely the same as the outsourcing debate but I was put in the role of the ultimate decision maker. Do  I outsource and provide capital, economic activity to my fellow developing-world comrade or do I “buy American”, knowing how the US unemployment rate has remained steady in the past year. This decision has now become a personal one and not just one that I hypothetically debate.

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