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— ejieme

what color is entrepreneurship?

Attending business school if nothing else has afforded me the opportunity to learn more about entrepreneurs, the current state of many different types of startups in varying industries and the entrepreneurial process. I must admit that entrepreneurship (or at least working in an exciting and fast-paced startup environment) is an awfully enticing and glamorous proposition for me and for many MBAs. When I look to these entrepreneurs and hear their stories of success and failure, I’m not too surprised that there is a lack of people that look like me – black, African, female – and not even that specific combination but any of those individual traits. The entrepreneurship game (and even those working for startups) looks very homogenous – male, white, asian.

I can say that I was not very surprised that in my Foundations of Entrepreneurship class (albeit the focus is on technology startups which can skew the representation as well) that out of a class of 30, I was 1 of 3 females and the only under-represented minority.

Here are some things that I want to know:

  • What percentage of current and new businesses in the US are owned/started by underrepresented minorities?
  • What is the breakdown of funding type (bank loan, VC, personal) for these businesses vs. white owned businesses?
  • What is the success rate of these businesses vs. white owned?
  • What role are Africans across the world playing in the VC/PE action in Africa?
  • How many African MBAs return and start ventures on the continent?
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