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Hire an Intern?

Things are slowly moving along on the mobile app front and we’ve got one major milestone so far: selecting our first logo.

As progress continues my mind is inevitably wandering toward the “how the heck am I going to launch this thing?” question. How are we going to get users, how are we going to ensure we’re building something people will enjoy using and will come back to, how do we identify which content providers to work with, how do we know if we’re successful, etc. The questions never end. And right now I don’t have a whole lot of answers.

So in order to lighten our load I’m thinking of hiring a marketing & social media intern. I’ve had some experience in hiring and managing others but this is different. I’m hiring someone to help with MY baby. It’s a whole different ball game. I’ve already started drafting the position description in my head and it’s easy to set ridiculous expectations.

It reminds me of reading some job postings while still in B-school and the hilarious employers that wanted an unpaid intern with 5 years of experience at a top I-bank/Consulting firm, who was fluent in 4 different languages, had start-up experience, specific industry experience, and had cured an infectious disease.

I can see why people want the most awesome rockstar interns – you’re messing with their baby!

But I’m no school nor experience snob. I really don’t care if you went to Stanford or SUNY or if you’ve had 12 internships in 2 years. I’ll be looking for someone who understands our target market, understands what we’re trying to accomplish and can get it done with little guidance – a go-getter. Now, knowing how to ascertain all of this from a cover letter, resume and interview will be interesting.

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