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— ejieme

General Update

Looks like we’ll be choosing some Indian developers that we sourced via Elance. I’m really pleased with the quality of the interactions that we’ve had so far – very professional and with timely communications. It doesn’t hurt that another firm in the Ukraine priced themselves out by quoting 3-5x what we got from the team in India. Wowza. Also doesn’t hurt that other app development firms had very poor communications, grammatical errors, nonchalant attitudes. I’m glad that things are moving forward on that front but now I’m working on our technical requirements document – I use this term VERY loosely to describe what I’m putting together – it’s more of like Ejieme’s finally thinking about what the hell this thing is actually supposed to do and writing it down, screen by screen. I guess you gotta start somewhere.

Also, it would have been nice to know that app design and app development are 2 very different beasts. I mean, I’m a consultant that has worked on technical implementations, I KNOW that one must design that which they want to build but it’s hard to think about the “details” when you’re so excited about a project. Maybe I need to wear my consultant hat more often?

Or maybe not. I’ve caught myself stressing out about the massive to-do list associated with this project and the fact that it’s just me and my co-founder. No Analysts or Associates to help out and no Partners or Directors to bounce ideas off of. It’s just us.

Lessons Learned so Far:
1) Design and Development are different (doh!)
2) Utilize Quora more! It helped me make a decision sourcing our design project between Crowdspring and 99Designs

Lessons Still Learning:
1) How to leverage (ha, consulting word!) my consulting experience without letting it hold me back
2) How to have a demanding day job while pursuing entrepreneurial goals
3) Entrepreneurship is (can be) lonely but it doesn’t have to be. I just find “networking” to be another time-consuming activity. I need to figure this one out as I’d love to have a mentor or even more contact with others going through what I’m going through.
4) I’m about to spend my real money and on this project. Add this to the growing list of scary things associated with entrepreneurship.

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