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— ejieme

on 2011 (and the rest of my life)

A few years ago I decided to quit New Year’s resolutions and to more often reassessing my goals and how well I go about achieving them but the beginning of a New Year just always naturally brings out self-reflection in us all.

Honestly it’s been easy for me to undertake this periodic self-assessment in the past 3 years. Applying to business school and subsequently completing the MBA process is supposedly all about self-assessing your experience, strengths/weaknesses, interests, passions, hobbies, etc. The path and logical steps have already been paved for me. All I needed to do was execute, execute, execute.

Impetus….??? (Professional and personal drivers)
Step 1: Apply to business school
Step 2: Study for the GMAT, research schools, prepare essays, gather letters of recommendations, etc
Step 3: Complete Applications
Step 4: Wait patiently
Step 5: Select school
Step 6: Start school
Step 7: Choose career path
Step 8: Recruit, recruit, recruit
Step 9: Land internship (kick butt and get an offer)
Step 10: Sign offer letter and start the rest of your life

While there were many chances to stray from this path, it’s a whole lot easier to follow it in its structurally sound safeness. And then there’s the effect of group think in business school. This video on the Psychology of Conformity, Groupthink, & Wikileaks prompted these thoughts (in addition to the general New Year sentiments). It discusses the pressures to conform and developing the ability to cultivate a healthy skepticism within groups we identify with and then challeneges us to actively change our behavior when the time calls.

Now that I am nearing this end of this brief junction in my life’s journey, I will have to master the skills of self-assessment and more importantly of action to achieve my goals. I’m excited to begin Step 11.

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